How to Collect a Mold Sample

Mold Sampling for the DIY-Inclined

If you already see a potential mold source, you may still wish to hire a qualified investigator or opt to collect a bulk sample yourself and submit it to our Milwaukie or Tigard, Oregon lab.  Tape lifts are a terrific and easy way to sample.

Most brands work well as long as the tape is clear.  Merely press the sticky side of a 2 to 3 inch piece of tape along the mold surface and stick it to the inside of a ziplock freezerbag.  Please read the list of sampling “Tape Lift Cautions” below.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call or contact one of JSE’s friendly staff for assistance.

Tape Lift Cautions

Don’t use “Magic Tape” because it is hazier and obstructs analysis.  Don’t press more than one location per piece of tape or it can overload the sample or ruin the mold structures.  Don’t fold the tape on itself or the lab analyst has a terrible time retrieving the sample and the mold structures can ruin in the process.  The freezer bag works better than a regular sandwich bag because it is sturdier, making it easier for the lab to remove the tape from the baggie for analysis. Freezer bags also send through the mail easily in a regular envelope. Just be sure that they don’t have the zipper lock nub that can get hung up in the postal sorting machines, ripping open the envelope.

Need to test for mold?

Our chain of custody form has instructions for dropping off and mailing in samples.