Mold Testing Services

It is not so much what you see, but what you don’t see that causes most of the damage to your building or home.

Mold is an essential contributor to a healthy outdoor ecosystem, however, indoor mold is not so healthy.  Mold indoors may indicate a hidden water problem in a building.  Mold growth from leaks and flooding can lead to expensive damage and can contribute to adverse health conditions.

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How Does Mold Damage Your Building or Home?

The body of the mold grows and spreads within the substrate of moist building materials, thereby weakening or rotting the material. Two common and damaging molds are Meruliporia which creates indoor wood rot and Aspergillus, which breaks down drywall.  The exposed surface mold launches spores into the atmosphere and can harm us.

How to Collect a Mold Sample

If you already see suspect mold growth, you may still wish to hire a qualified inspector or opt to collect a bulk sample yourself and submit it to our lab.

How Can Mold Harm Us?

Unfortunately for both us and them, toxic mold spores can find their way into our lungs where they may get stuck and die, making some of us sick. Some spores may not make it into our lungs directly, but instead, release toxic substances that can stick to other particles also making some of us sick.  Spores from the black mold Stachybotrys chartarum is an infamous example of such a species.

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Laboratory Results and Limitations

Lab analysis is just one step toward resolving a mold issue. Remember that water is the problem and household mold is merely the symptom. Analysis results are limited and need to be interpreted in the context of the environment in which the sample was collected. Also keep in mind that a sample may not be representative of all types of mold present as some species may be hidden in moist wall cavities.

Mold Laboratory Analysis and Identification

Mold analysis is both an art and a science.  It is JSE’s top priority to deliver to you the highest quality results we possibly can even when the samples contain difficult, non-textbook specimens. JSE maintains partnerships with a network of out-of-state qualified labs, trading samples as part of our quality control program.

Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation by merely cleaning the surface temporarily removes the symptom but generally does not resolve the problem.  Mold can grow back! The source of the moisture must be removed and moist building materials are usually replaced. If, when you receive your results, you are unsure about the need for remediation, please feel free to contact one of JSE’s experienced consultants for an assessment.

Do you need mold testing and inspection services?

Mold can be sampled by just about anyone depending upon your needs and your budget. If you suspect a problem but are not sure, contact a JSE qualified inspector for consulting. JSE’s inspectors are trained to perform visual inspection using moisture meters and particle counters as well as collect samples for testing. They generally come equipped with a moisture meter and particle counter for spore quantification and identification.

Need to test for mold?

Our chain of custody form has instructions for dropping off and mailing in samples.

“I was referred to JSE Labs 15 years ago after Lisa first opened the doors, and I have been using them ever since. Their service has been consistently great and done with a cheerful and welcoming attitude. They are able to provide quick turnarounds for analysis when I need it.

- Bill Barnes, CHST

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