Residential Services

Residential, Remodel, and Restoration Services in the Portland, Oregon Region

Need a helping hand? Knowing which materials to test is often challenging.  The evolving regulatory landscape can be difficult for homeowners and contractors to navigate as well.  JSE’s accredited and certified inspectors are here to assist you.

Testing Residential Samples of Hazardous Materials

Asbestos and Lead Testing

JSE’s field inspectors are AHERA-accredited (EPA) for asbestos and our lead inspectors are certified. If you need help staying within your budget, our experienced professionals know where to target their efforts to reduce unnecessary sampling and costs to you.  Contact our Milwaukie office to speak with an inspector and get started.

Mold Testing

If you suspect you have a mold problem, often a sign of a water intrusion, JSE’s experienced mold inspectors can come to your home to test using a moisture meter and to collect samples for lab analysis as needed. For more information, call a JSE consultant in our Milwaukie office today.

Radon Testing

Is Radon testing what you need? From schools and other organizations to private homes and real estate agencies, JSE’s inspectors have acquired years of experience. Did you know that testing is best performed when your home’s windows are closed and the HVACsystem has been turned off for awhile?  Learn more by calling our Milwaukie office to speak with an experienced professional and set up an appointment to get your project started.

“We started using JSE Labs a few months ago for our asbestos testing. They get our results back to us accurately, and in a timely manner… being able to count on them to get us what we need keeps our jobs moving smoothly!”

- Bryon Henderson

Aylwin Construction, Residential Contractor