Laboratory Testing: Mold Analysis

It is not so much what you see, but what you don’t see that causes most of the damage to your building or home.

Mold is an essential contributor to a healthy outdoor ecosystem; however, indoor mold is not so healthy. Mold found indoors may indicate a hidden water problem in a building. Mold grows and spreads within the substrate of moist building materials, thereby weakening or rotting the material. Mold growth from leaks and flooding can lead to expensive damage and can contribute to adverse health conditions.

Unfortunately for both them and us, toxic mold spores can find their way into our lungs where they may get stuck and die, making some of us sick. Some spores may not make it into our lungs directly, but instead, release toxic substances that can stick to other particles also making some of us sick.

Test For Mold In-Home Portland OR
Common mold spores viewed under a microscope in the Milwaukie Laboratory.

Why Choose JSE Labs for Mold Analysis?

JSE Labs offers fast and reliable mold analysis results. If you suspect you have a mold problem, bring us a sample or have a member of our field staff come collect samples for you. All samples are brought back to our AIHA EMPAT proficient analysts (PAT-163062) at our Milwaukie based laboratory for analysis. 

Mold analysis is both an art and a science. It is JSE’s top priority to deliver to you the highest quality results we possibly can even when the samples contain difficult, non-textbook specimens. JSE Labs is proud to accept both bulk and air mold samples.

Laboratory Results and Limitations

Lab analysis is just one step toward resolving a mold issue. Remember that water is the problem and household mold is merely the symptom. Analysis results are limited and need to be interpreted in the context of the environment in which the sample was collected. Also, keep in mind that a sample may not be representative of all types of mold present as some species may be hidden in moist wall cavities.

Mold Remediation

Mold Remediation by merely cleaning the surface temporarily removes the symptom but generally does not resolve the problem. Mold can grow back! The source of the moisture must be removed and moist building materials are usually replaced. If, when you receive your results, you are unsure about the need for remediation, please contact one of JSE’s experienced consultants for an assessment.

Mold Analysis Services

Rush Mold Analysis

Sometimes you need environmental lab tests done quickly for your residential or business projects. For these cases, JSE Labs is proud to offer same-day Rush analysis services in addition to our standard turnaround times. This convenient option allows you to accelerate the sample processing time and get your results as early as possible to keep your project running smoothly.

How to Submit a Same Day Rush Sample

For expedited Rush service, you can drop your samples off at our laboratory in Milwaukie. Our team will work hard to get you prompt and accurate results. Rush times are subject to the nature of the sample, the number of the samples, and analyst availability.

Rush Cut-off Times

We understand that hazardous material testing is a top priority. In order to get the fastest turnaround time, please ensure that your samples are submitted by the following cut-off times.

Milwaukie Lab Winter Rush Cut Off Times
Mold (Bulk/Air)3:00 PM

Don’t want to drop off your sample in person or live outside of Oregon?

We accept mail-in samples from all states in the U.S.