Laboratory Testing: Lead (Pb) Analysis

Lead (Pb) Analysis Services in Portland, Oregon and the Pacific Northwest Region

The presence of even a small amount of lead in or around your home, building, or construction site can cause adverse health effects neurological and organ damage to the brain, liver, and kidneys, as well as hinder children’s growth development while impairing learning, proper behavior, hearing, and speech. Lead enters through inhalation and ingestion and travels through the blood and into the bones. These toxic effects can be permanent and are particularly harmful to young children.

The good news, however, is that the risk of these harmful effects can be greatly lessened through proper testing and work practices.
With fast and convenient lead (Pb) paint analysis performed by the experts at JSE Labs, you can immediately find out if a health hazard exists and reduce the risk of lead poisoning to you and your family or employees.

Testing for lead can help you protect your home and family. Construction workers, remodelers, and their families are at increased risk of being exposed to lead since sanding or demolishing lead-painted surfaces can cause the inhalation of lead-contaminated dust or debris. Workers may also bring dust home on their clothes, skin, hair, tools, or equipment, causing an increased risk to them and their families.

Preparing samples for lead analysis in the Milwaukie Laboratory

What to Test for Lead?

There’s nothing more important than the health and safety of your family or the people you work with. Any peeling, cracking, or crumbling paint containing lead is extremely hazardous and should be addressed immediately. In homes and buildings constructed before 1950, it is reasonable to assume that all painted surfaces contain lead. In those constructed between 1950 and 1978, lead paint is often found on the following surfaces:

  • Doors and door frames
  • Kitchen cabinets
  • Cupboards
  • Window frames and sills
  • Exterior walls
  • Stairs, railings, and banisters
  • Porches and decks
  • Fences and gates
  • Gutters

High concentrations of lead can also be present in soil due to past removal/scraping of exterior paint. Lead-contaminated soil is especially dangerous when found in areas where children play outdoors or where gardening activities take place. It can also be tracked indoors on shoes or boots.

Many contractors and homeowners prefer to procure lead testing services from an Oregon Health Authority (OHA) certified firm. JSE’s field department is available to visit your job site or home to collect samples for you.


Why Choose JSE Labs for Lead (Pb) Analysis? 


JSE Labs offers a convenient same day option. However, if you are in no hurry, we have 1, 2, and 3 day turnaround options to fit your needs- and your budget. Contact us today for more information! Discounts for repeat clients are available. For our residential clients, we are pleased to offer discounts for senior citizens and our nation’s military veterans. 



Fast Results

Sometimes you need results right away. That’s why JSE Labs is please to offer Rush analysis for lead (Pb), as well as asbestos and mold. This allows you to get reliable, accurate results more quickly so you can get back to your project. Chances are you want to know what you are dealing with quickly, and our Rush option is the best way to keep your timeline on track.

Additionally, JSE offers 1, 2, and 3 day turnaround time options.

One-Stop Laboratory Testing

JSE Labs is proud to be the only lead (Pb) in paint analysis accredited laboratory (AIHA LAP Lab ID: 163062), that provides one-stop shopping for lead, mold, and asbestos testing. That means you can submit one sample and get it tested for multiple toxic contaminants at one convenient location. For example, you can submit a single sample of painted drywall and have it tested for both lead and asbestos at JSE Labs in one day.

Results You Can Trust

JSE Labs successfully maintains participation in the AIHA LAP ELLAP (Environmental Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program – Lab ID 163062). With experience analysts and state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, you can rely on us to provide accredited, detailed results in a timely and professional manner. We pride ourselves in delivering accurate results as well as friendly customer service to all our clients.

Lead (Pb) Analysis Services

Lead analysis

Rush Lead (Pb) Analysis

Chances are you want to know what you are dealing with quickly, and we are proud to offer our convenient Rush option to keep your project running smoothly.

For expedited Rush lead (Pb) analysis service with a quick turnaround, you can drop your samples off at our Milwaukie laboratory with a Chain of Custody Form. Our team will work hard to get you prompt and accurate results. Rush times are subject to the nature of the sample, the number of samples, and analyst availability.

How to Submit A Lead (Pb) Sample

For expedited lead (Pb) testing services with a quick turnaround, you can drop off your samples at our laboratory in Milwaukie. Our team will work hard to get you prompt and accurate results. Rush availability is subject to the nature of the sample, the number of samples, and analyst availability.

Rush Cut-off Times

We understand that hazardous material testing is a top priority for you. In order to get the fastest turnaround time, please ensure your samples are submitted by the following cut-off times.

Pb Rush Cut-off
Lead (Pb)1:00 PM

Don’t want to drop off your sample in person or live outside of Oregon?

We accept mail-in samples from all states in the U.S.


Other Types of Lead Testing

Some types of testing are not recommended for remodeling projects, such as using a hand-held surface-by-surface testing device, such as an XRF. These are best for child-occupied housing and determining livability where lead-based paint will not be impacted by construction activities.

Also, home test kits, such as those sold in big-box remodel stores have limitations and are generally not recommended by consultants. Negative results may be unreliable at lower concentrations or when lead paint lies beneath new non-lead paint.