How to Mail in a Sample 

Mail-in Laboratory Services 

Do you think you have asbestos, lead, or mold? Do you live outside of the Portland Metro Area, but want to use our services? Fortunately, JSE labs is happy to accept samples via mail from all states in the U.S.!

Completing the Chain of Custody Form (COC)

You’ll want to include a completed Chain of Custody form with your sample(s), ensuring that all relevant fields are filled out. If you are sending samples for asbestos analysis (PLM) or Lead analysis (Pb), please use the General Chain of Custody Form. For mold analysis, please use the Mold Chain of Custody Form. Start by filling out the highlighted sections. Please feel free to contact us if you need additional assistance filling out the Chain of Custody Form.

Some helpful tips for filling out the Chain of Custody Form (COC):

-JSE Labs sends analysis results by email. Please include the email addresses you wish the results to be sent to. Please note that JSE Labs, Inc. cannot release analysis results to any persons or email addresses not listed on the COC. 

-Please add the “Location Address” to the COC. This refers to the location where the sample was taken. Without a location address, some entities may not accept your analysis report. If you have samples from multiple addresses, please use a new COC for each project address.

-TAT indicates turnaround time. The turnaround time you select dictates how quickly you will receive your results. Please note that turnaround times are based on when your sample arrives at the laboratory. For questions on available turnaround times or pricing, please contact us

Mailing the Sample

When preparing a sample to be mailed, it is important that the sample is tightly sealed in a ziplock bag (or other airtight container). It is recommended to double bag the sample prior to placing it into the mailer or envelope to prevent any rips or tears during transport.

Please mail the sample and completed COC to our main laboratory, home of Our Accredited Asbestos/Lead Laboratory!  

Not Sure How to Take a Sample?

Taking a sample for the first time can be nerve wracking. Thankfully, we’re here to help. Take a look at our “how to” pages below for helpful sampling tips for asbestos, lead and mold!