Commercial, Industrial, and Institutional Consulting Services

Environmental Consulting for Industry, Institutions, and Government Agencies

JSE offers you decades of experience in government and institutional facilities and industrial settings briefly summarized below.  Contact our field services division in Milwaukie or Tigard, Oregon to speak with a consultant about your project needs.

Portland OR Environmental Consulting Services


JSE Labs works within industrial settings including manufacturing plants, mills, power plants, dams, and data centers assisting with process safety management and hazardous materials. Demolition, renovation, and spill response are common projects.

Government Agencies

JSE has been providing consulting and field services at CONUS and OCONUS sites for many years. JSE has worked in several countries, including remote sites, Forward Garrisons and Facilities where there was little support. We are familiar with several different security protocols and have worked where there were difficult limitations. We have shipped materials overseas and back, including Hazardous and Dangerous Waste. JSELabs, Inc. maintains Defense Base Act (DBA) insurance with hazardous material, longshoreman, and carpentry coverages.


Hospitals, Colleges, and Research Facilities are some of the institutional clients we’ve had the pleasure to serve. We’ve worked with several types of multi-location facility programs, databases, and software.

Asbestos Surveys, Abatement Project Design, and Management Plans for K-12 Schools in Portland and Throughout Oregon

JSE’s AHERA-Accredited building inspectors bring decades of experience providing federally required asbestos services for school districts throughout the state of Oregon and Southwest Washington.  From 6-month periodic surveillances to 3-year reinspections, JSE ensures that our schools remain in compliance.  JSE’s NVLAP-Accredited asbestos testing lab also satisfies regulations governing the qualifications of laboratories to analyze bulk asbestos materials for K-12 schools.

Surveys & Inspections

JSE’s highly qualified consultants provide surveys, testing, and inspection for a wide variety of substances including asbestos, lead, mold, and more. Contact a JSE consultant to discuss and schedule your project.

Management Plans & Regulation

JSE has over 25 years of experience designing management plans and working with with local, state, and federal regulations. Contact one of our knowledgeable consultants to learn more.

Abatement Oversight

JSE’s experienced consultants provide abatement design, arrange for bidwalks and permits, ensure proper removal, air monitoring, and disposal, so that your project is executed smoothly and on-time.

JSE Lab’s has been a contracted partner with Oregon Health and Science University since 2004, serving as both environmental consultants on a wide range of hazards from asbestos, lead and mold issues, as well as our go to NVLAP accredited Laboratory for analysis of personal, environmental and compliance monitoring samples. They have worked on a wide range of projects requiring a thorough knowledge of OSHACMS/Joint commission compliance as well as hospital infection control requirements. JSE has never failed to meet OSHU’s needs or deadlines. Their industrial hygienists are extremely knowledgeable and have extensive real world experience. 

- Joel Sheridan

Construction Safety Officer, Oregon Health and Science University