How to Choose a Good Lead Testing Lab

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Hazardous materials like lead can be harmful to your health. They can also impact construction projects and the value of your home or building. Correctly testing for and identifying these materials is essential. But to ensure you get accurate, timely, and reliable results, you need to know what to look for in a lead testing lab.

If you suspect you have lead-containing paint, dust, soil, or other sources of lead in your home or building, you should have a sample tested at a lab with a proven record. JSE Labs is an accredited laboratory for lead and asbestos testing in the Portland metro area and beyond, with comprehensive services that also extend to mold testing. Our experts are here to break down what you should look for in a good lead testing lab.

Understanding the Impact of Lead

There are a variety of common sources of lead in residential, commercial, and public buildings. Lead is most frequently found:


If not identified and managed properly, lead can be dangerous. When lead builds up slowly in the body, it can cause a condition called lead poisoning. Chipping lead-based paint is a common culprit. Young children are at especially high risk of lead poisoning, because they’re more likely to play in the soil or ingest lead paint by chewing on household items. Other at-risk populations include construction workers, homeowners working on DIY products, and the elderly.

Knowledge is power when it comes to managing a lead issue. Working with a reputable lab to have your home or building tested for lead can help you better protect those inside.

Key Criteria for Choosing a Lead Testing Lab

AIHA's Environmental Lead Laboratory Accreditation Program (ELLAP) certificate

1. Accreditation and Certification

When it comes to identifying lead in your home or business, you need a lab you can trust. The best way to determine if a testing lab is good at what they do is to look at their relevant certifications and accreditations. Be sure to choose a lab that is accredited to ensure they meet national EPA standards.

As the only AIHA ELLAP accredited lab in Oregon, you can rest assured that JSE Labs will provide reliable, high-quality lead testing services.

2. Proven Testing Methods and Accuracy

There are many DIY lead paint test kits on the market that can be useful for homeowners. But at-home options usually can’t differentiate low and high concentrations of lead, which can result in unquantified positives and false negatives. If you need accurate and reliable results in a timely manner, professional testing is the way to go.

With state-of-the-art technology, JSE Labs utilizes advanced testing methods by carefully digesting small samples in nitric acid and utilizing a flame atomic absorption spectrophotometer to accurately measure even the lowest lead concentrations.  

3. Fast Turnaround Time

Discovering lead in your home or commercial property can be frustrating, especially if remediation efforts are delaying other projects. That’s why it’s important to identify lead as quickly as possible so you can get back to what matters most. 

JSE Labs’ rush testing options ensure you can get ultra-fast results without sacrificing accuracy. We offer same-day testing and one, two, and three day turnaround options so you can get your results on a timeline that works for you.

4. Convenient Sample Collection Process

JSE is dedicated to ensuring that the entire collection and testing process is simple, easy, and safe. Whether you’re testing paint, water, or other materials, we can provide you with step-by-step instructions for collecting your sample. Don’t hesitate to call us for any additional information or clarification on the collection process! 

Once you have your sample, you can mail it to our laboratory from any state in the US. Our field department is also available to come to your home or business to collect a sample for you.

5. Accurate Reporting and Interpretation

At JSE Labs, we work with diverse clients, from homeowners and contractors to commercial operations, schools, hospitals, and government facilities. Regardless of your needs and/or industry, you need clear, accurate information. You shouldn’t have to be an expert in lead testing to understand your report. 

JSE Labs ensures the report goes directly to you along with comprehensive, clear, and concise interpretations. Our experienced consultants can offer management strategies and abatement designs to guide you through the process.

6. Cost and Pricing Transparency

The cost of lead testing and analysis services can vary quite a bit depending on which services you need as well as factors like turnaround times, the material being tested, whether you collect the sample yourself or call in a professional, and more. What shouldn’t vary is pricing transparency.

At JSE Labs, we offer same-day testing as well as one, two, and three day turnaround options to accommodate your budget and needs. We also offer discounts for repeat clients as well as senior citizens and military veterans. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our pricing structure. We’re happy to answer any and all questions!

7. Positive Customer Reviews and Support

Good lead testing labs adhere to the highest standards of scientific rigor to ensure accurate results. But in order to communicate these results, they also need to provide high quality customer support.

Reading online reviews and testimonials is one of the best ways to find a lab that cares about both results AND customer experience. At JSE Labs, we welcome both online reviews and direct customer feedback. We always strive to improve convenience and flexibility.


Choose JSE Labs For Accurate Lead Testing and Analysis

Not all lead testing laboratories are created equal. When it comes to protecting the people and materials on your property, you should never settle for less.

As a trusted lead testing laboratory in Oregon, JSE Labs works to exceed industry standards and provide clients with reliable, high-quality testing and consulting services. Our highly trained team of specialists is dedicated to ensuring you get fast and accurate results.

Contact us today to talk with our experts and get your results!


Jennifer Malgren

Jennifer Malgren

Jennifer is the Laboratory Manager of JSE Labs, and holds a BS in Environmental Studies & Science from Portland State University. She is an avid learner and enjoys exploring new topics related to natural processes and the environment. She has experience analyzing hazardous materials, including asbestos and lead, and is committed to promoting safe and sustainable practices in the workplace and beyond. When not in the laboratory, Jennifer can be found exploring the Pacific Northwest with her Catahoula Leopard Dog, Oliver, or volunteering locally.

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