Environmental Consulting for Commercial Buildings [Guide]

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Commercial building owners in both the private and public sectors benefit from the expertise of environmental consultants. Environmental regulation is complex, and staying in compliance is vitally important to your reputation, the safety of your employees and the general public, and – ultimately – your bottom line.   Discovering a health hazard in your building or running into non-compliance issues with regulators is costly and unpleasant. By hiring an environmental consultant, you can make small changes today that can save you substantial time, effort, and money in the future. Keep reading to learn more.

What Do Environmental Consultants Do?

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Environmental consultants work with the following public- and private-sector entities to help limit environmental impact, minimize hazards to human health, ensure regulatory compliance, and improve process safety and efficiency:

  • Industry – Environmental consultants work in industrial settings including manufacturing plants, mills, power plants, dams, and data centers.
    • Government agencies – Public-sector organizations around the world rely on environmental consultants, particularly where hazardous waste and dangerous materials are concerned.
  • Institutions – Hospitals, universities, and research facilities are examples of institutions that depend on environmental consultants.

Here are a few of the services performed by environmental consultants:

Inspections & Surveys

Environmental consultants provide surveys, testing, and inspections for a variety of hazardous substances including asbestos, lead, mold, and more. This helps public- and private-sector organizations maintain regulatory compliance, protect the health of their employees and the general public, and limit unforeseen costs in the future.

Management Plans & Regulation

Designing management plans and working to ensure ongoing compliance with local, state, and federal regulations is a primary role of environmental consultants. With the help of a qualified environmental consultant, organizations are able to make small changes to processes in order to comply with regulations now to avoid potential non-compliance issues in the future.

Abatement Oversight

Environmental consultants provide abatement design, arrange for bidwalks and permits, and ensure proper removal and disposal procedures are followed to make sure that projects are executed smoothly and safely.

What Is the AHERA Accreditation & Why Does It Matter?

The Asbestos Hazard Emergency Response Act (AHERA) of 1986 was a landmark piece of legislation mandating that the National Institute of Standards and Technology develop an accreditation program for labs that conduct analysis of air and bulk material samples for the presence of asbestos.   The EPA requires the use of trained and AHERA-accredited asbestos professionals when conducting asbestos inspections and/or designing or conducting response actions in public and commercial buildings. In addition to the initial training required by the EPA, asbestos professionals must undertake refresher training on an annual basis to maintain accreditation.   When hiring an environmental consultant for public or commercial purposes, look for professionals with demonstrable experience and those who maintain AHERA accreditation.

When You Need Environmental Consulting

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Simply put, if you own a commercial building, you could benefit from the help of an environmental consultant. Hiring an environmental consultant does more than simply help you ensure the safety of your employees and limit your organization’s environmental impact. It’s also good for your reputation and helps ensure you maintain regulatory compliance. It can even save you money in the long run.   How? Think about why you might hire an accountant to file your taxes. Organizations generally hire professional tax accountants to ensure they avoid trouble with the IRS and save as much money, time, and effort as possible when it comes time to file taxes. Hiring an environmental consulting firm follows the same principle.    Environmental consultants are trained to understand all environmental regulations, how they apply to your specific organization and circumstances, and how you can stay in compliance. Here are a few scenarios in which seeking the help of an environmental consulting firm can benefit you and your interests:

  1. You’re not sure which regulations apply to you or how they apply.
  2. You want to avoid non-compliance penalties before you get into trouble with regulators.
  3. You’re already in trouble with regulators over a non-compliance issue.
  4. You want to limit your organization’s environmental impact and establish a reputation for your organization as environmentally conscious and sustainable.

Qualified Environmental Consulting for Industry, Government Agencies, & Institutions

JSE offers decades of experience in government and institutional facilities as well as commercial and industrial settings. We are dedicated to helping you maintain regulatory compliance, protect the health and safety of your employees and the public, and improve processes to limit unnecessary costs and potential environmental hazards. Contact our field services division to speak with a consultant about your project needs.

Lisa Jones-Stohosky

Lisa Jones-Stohosky

Lisa started in the industrial hygiene and environmental industry in 1992 as an asbestos microscopist and began performing building inspections for asbestos, lead paint, and other hazards in 1994.

“This career has been an amazing experience, traveling for work to perform inspections both locally and abroad to locations such as Hawaii and Germany. My real love however is being in the laboratory and assisting our wonderful clients.”

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